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Underwriting Agency

Product developer and wholesaler as an underwriting agency.
Underwriting Authority via a Binder.
Lineslip and Open Market services.
Customised reporting solutions.



Create Tailored product solutions.
Security and intellect from international and domestic insurance/reinsurance markets.
Retail Insurance Platform.
Customised reporting solutions.



Consulting, marketing and distribution services.
Claims, Policy and Tender Consulting.
Engagement and Communication Platforms. Claims Auditing.

WIP Keeps You in the Game

At WIP we understand everyone is different. We specialise in the Group Insurance market and can offer cost-effective, tailor-made solutions to suit your needs. We are dedicated to creating unique innovative products that can grow and change with your business. As part of the WIP Group, our focus is to provide a positive customer experience. In doing so we draw on experience to optimise our approach in providing your organisation with relevant and synergistic services.

We Make a Difference

We are not constrained by traditional ‘Big Insurer’ rules. We have access to both Local and International Insurance markets giving us the ability to work with product creation to design a competitive, flexible and innovative tailor-made solution. WIP is led by an experienced team who specialises in assisting clients and employers to meet their insurance needs. Establishing a personal, transparent and long-standing relationship with clients is a priority, as creating the right team and environment is critical in delivering real benefit. 

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We are your trusted and complete group insurance provider. Contact us to discuss your needs and requirements.
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